• (Of an atmosphere or event) Friendly, lively, and enjoyable.
  • (Of a person) Cheerful and friendly; jovial.

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Example Sentences

“The housewarming party’s atmosphere was convivial and welcoming.”

“Thérèse was a charming, convivial dinner host — and a fantastic cook, too.”

“The volunteers were convivial to those who sought their help.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

This adjective originates from the Latin “convivialis,” which stems from “convivium,” meaning “a feast.” Hollywood award shows are known to be lavish affairs both in front of and behind the cameras, which makes for a convivial atmosphere for the nominees and audience. The Oscars, in particular, are noted for their luxurious gifts. The 2020 Academy Awards gift bags were valued at roughly $225,000 and included such items as a 24-karat gold bath bomb, a custom stained-glass portrait, and a 12-day yacht trip to Antarctica.

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