• Of the same opinion in a matter; in agreement.

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Example Sentences

“The city council was consentient with the mayor on plans to build a new park.”

“We pitched the idea of a new hedge to our neighbors, and they were consentient.”

“All passengers were consentient, so we stopped first at the barrier island before sailing to the final destination.”

Word Origin

Latin, early 17th century

Why this word?

“Consentient” appears to bridge two familiar words — “consent” and “sentient” — yet its meaning is different from either. Though “consentient” is built on the same Latin root as “consent,” the latter word is now largely used as a synonym for “permission” or “acceptance.” This implies one party is granting permission to another, while the meaning of “consentient” implies both or multiple parties are coming to a mutual agreement. There might be debate and compromise involved in coming to a consentient arrangement. “Sentient” is an adjective that implies the ability to perceive or feel things. While understanding the feelings of someone else during the process of coming to an agreement is important, the definitions of the words are not related.

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