• Containing or presenting the essential facts of something in a comprehensive but concise way.

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Example Sentences

“Jared’s compendious recitation of archaic literature impressed his professors.”

“The book contains a compendious study of film history.”

“The institute offers a compendious weeklong course on American economics.”

Word Origin

Latin, late 14th century

Why this word?

This word stems from the Old French “compendieux,” from the Latin “compendiosus,” which means “advantageous, brief.” In the fast-paced modern age, it’s helpful to have information presented to us efficiently and in a compendious fashion. The popular YouTube channels Vox and Great Art Explained (among others) are based on the premise of breaking down complex concepts, such as the meaning of a credit score or the history of Goya’s “Black Paintings,” in an entertaining yet compendious style.

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