• Of or like butter.

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Example Sentences

“She says the yellow paint for the living room is summery, but I think it’s butyraceous.”

“I need my popcorn to be super salty and butyraceous.”

“You can cut through this steak so easily — it’s butyraceous.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

The Iowa State Fair has one of the most butyraceous displays in the world — the famous Butter Cow. The first Butter Cow was sculpted in 1911, and since then, only five sculptors have had the honor of carving the butyraceous bovines and the various Iowa-themed companion sculptures. In 1996, the first year a companion sculpture was crafted, it was Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”; in 2001, it honored John Wayne; and in 2022, it celebrated the 60th year of “The Music Man” in film history.

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