Bon vivant

Bon vivant

ˌbän vēˈvänt


  • A person who enjoys a sociable and luxurious lifestyle.

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Example Sentences

“Make sure to include Sally and Trina on the guest list — they’re such bon vivants.”

“My goal is to always live like a bon vivant and embrace the pleasures of the world.”

“A bon vivant will always appreciate a decadent meal and night out with friends.”

Word Origin

French, late 17th century

Why this word?

In French, “bon” means “good” and “vivre” means “to live,” so we’ve adopted the phrase “bon vivant” in English to describe someone living “the good life.” A bon vivant is traditionally someone living in the lap of luxury — such as a socialite flitting from party to party — but “the good life” can mean something quite different for everyone. Perhaps it’s a quiet home with pets, or a life dedicated to service. Whatever “the good life” is, anyone can be a bon vivant.

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