• A success.


  • (Of a theatrical production or movie, or a review of one) Very successful or wholeheartedly commendatory.
  • (Of a laugh) Deep and unrestrained.
  • Boisterously funny.

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Example Sentences

“The play’s boffo final act resulted in a standing ovation from the audience.”

“The comic had a slow start, but by the end of her act, the entire audience was in boffo chuckles.”

“With this many attendees, you can consider the premiere a true boffo.”

Word Origin

American English, 1930s

Why this word?

“Boffo” is a relatively new word in English, first appearing in the American entertainment industry in the 1940s. As an adjective, “boffo” describes anything that is a smashing success or that generates uproarious laughter. The term was likely created from a mashup of “guffaw,” a type of laughter, and “buffo,” a certain type of comic opera actor. As the word got its start in showbiz, its usage mostly stays in reference to performances and entertainment.

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