• The love of or empathy with nature and all living things.

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Example Sentences

“I’ve embraced a lifestyle of biophilia with daily nature walks and a plant-based diet.”

“Her beliefs in biophilia encouraged her to apply to veterinary school.”

“I learned about ‘biophilia’ and an innate love of the natural world in my Intro to Biology class.”

Word Origin

English, 1970s

Why this word?

In Michael Pollan’s 2006 book, “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” he wrote, “Our inclination toward grass, which has the force of a tropism, is frequently cited as a prime example of ‘biophilia.'” While the word “biophilia” was used earlier as a psychology term for a sense of self-preservation, a more current usage was adopted in the late 1970s. As Pollan explains, humans tend to have an affinity and a love for the natural world. We want to put our feet in the grass, feel the sun on our faces, and walk under the trees.

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