• (Chiefly of animals) Living in trees.
  • Relating to trees.

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Example Sentences

“We’re taking the kids to an arboreal nature preserve this weekend.”

“All of the arboreal species were relocated to the zoo’s new lush rainforest habitat.”

“The arboreal decorations and lighting added to the romantic atmosphere of the evening reception.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

The root of “arboreal” is the Latin word for “tree,” “arbor.” You’ll recognize it as the English word for a grove of trees, but it’s also the base for many other tree-related words, including “arborescent,” “arboriculture,” “arborist,” “arborization.” It’s also found, of course, in “arboretum,” which is a shady grove in many botanical gardens.

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