• To approach; to near.

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Example Sentences

“It looks like the storm might appropinquate the coast by tomorrow morning.”

“When you appropinquate the front door, make sure to call out, because my doorbell is broken.”

“Don’t appropinquate my dog from behind, because she’s going deaf and you will startle her.”

Word Origin

Latin, mid-17th century

Why this word?

This is a mouthful of a synonym for “to approach.” It can be broken down into its Latin parts: “ad-” (“toward”) and “propinquō” (“draw near”). Why would someone want to use “appropinquate” instead of “approach”? Quite simply, there’s not much cause to use the overly complicated word, and it has almost entirely fallen out of common usage. But now you know a new word that might come in handy for a word game.

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