• The alphabet, written out in a teaching book, or carved on a wall; a primer.


  • Referring to the alphabet; alphabetical.

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Example Sentences

“I saved my children’s abecedaries, and I hope to pass them along to my grandchildren.” 

“My mother embroidered a beautiful abecedary for the nursery walls.”

“Please make sure all of the records are organized in abecedary order by last name.”

Word Origin

Latin, late 16th century

Why this word?

In Medieval Latin, an abecedarium was what we would now call an “ABC book.” When it entered English, “abecedary” referred to anything that had the alphabet written out for teaching — later on, this was called a “primer.” As an adjective, “abecedary” refers to anything in an alphabetical format. Remove the vowels and the word itself is abecedary.

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