• A rough drawing or model.

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Example Sentences

“The architect prepared an abbozzo for us to see what he was thinking about for the addition, but there wasn’t a lot of detail.” 

“I went through five abbozzos before I decided on the right material for the sculpture.”

“The auction is selling several abbozzo copies of plays from my favorite playwright.”

Word Origin

Italian, mid-19th century

Why this word?

“Abbozzo” is borrowed from Italian as a word for a rough draft of a manuscript or a rough sketch or model. It’s a preliminary work that you might show someone to demonstrate what’s coming later. It came into English around the mid-19th century, but another Italian word with a similar meaning, “bozzetto,” came into English in the 1930s to 1950s. “Bozzetto” refers specifically to sculpture, while “abbozzo” describes a preliminary version of any form of art.

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