• The inherent nature or essence of someone or something.
  • A distinctive feature; a peculiarity.

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Example Sentences

“I’m restoring my grandfather’s old Mustang, but if I change the red color, I worry it will lose its classic quiddity.”

“You can’t fully appreciate the quiddity of giant pandas until you see one in person.”

“Frank has many quiddities about how he likes his office organized, but he knows exactly where everything is.”

Word Origin

Latin, 16th century

Why this word?

“Quiddity” (from the Latin “quid,” meaning “what”) refers to a particular trait or the essence of what makes a person or thing distinctive. While it’s human nature to want to be unique, psychological testing can identify certain common traits or quiddities. These tests, such as the Enneagram or the Myers-Briggs, can be used for career counseling, academic assessment, or personal development.

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